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Now a knowledgeable MD, with decades of skilled experience, lifts the lid on the best treatment of Candida and yeast-type infections...

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Hi, my name is Keith Scott-Mumby. I’m an alternative MD, living in the USA, a former professor of nutrition, and I know you are concerned about yeast infection.

This unpleasant condition is also sometimes known as Candida (Thrush), or Candidiasis, though these two are not quite the same thing—but we’ll let that pass for the moment…

I’ve been treating this problem using effective natural means for over 30 years. In fact I was one of the original pioneer doctors who pointed out that Candida/Thrush/yeast really did exist as a problem! I started writing about it in my books in the early 1980s. At that time most doctors didn’t even recognize that the Candida problem was real and certainly had no clue how to treat it.

In those days if you suggested that overuse of antibiotics was dangerous and unhealthy, you were regarded as a crank or even a quack. I know! I was there!

Now we have rampant yeast infections everywhere. Candida is a buzz word. Doctors continue to ignore it but there is an army of patient sufferers who need help.

But there is more to this than just "yeast"...


The "Moldy Patient"

This is a jokey term I introduced for the first time in my 1988 book "The Allergy Handbook". The point I was making was the fact that there are people who suffer from a much more complex problem than just simply "yeast" or Candida.

These unlucky individuals seem to be a fertile garden for organisms such as Candida, mold, athlete's foot, itchy crotch (Tinea cruris), vaginal irritation caused by yeast overgrowths, oral thrush and so on. It alls seems to come to them. It's like they are a fertile garden, where yeasts and molds love to grow!

Moreover any fermented foods (yeast ferments) such as vinegar, soy sauce, cheese and malt make them feel very rough. Of course antibiotics is usually the LAST thing these pateints want. They are already allergic to the whole family of substances!

I even learned that these patients feel worse in damp surroundings or on certain wet days, where mold spores are present in the air.

You know the old wive's tale of Granny's nose, which would twitch just before it rained? Well, that's quite credible and more scientific than you would think.

Just before rain atmospheric pressure falls and molds release their spores. A sensitive person will find their nose irritated and maybe, eventually, start sneezing!

You'll find many more fascinating facts like this in my must-have eBook which I have entitled "The Moldy Patient".

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How To Get Rid Of Candida and Yeast

I'm going to show you lots of ways you can get rid of yeast and Candida infections. I've reviewed quite a few info books on this topic and most are not really up to scratch.

Their "research" usually means just copying from other sources and pretending knowledge they don't have. But that doesn't stop them having the cheek to ask $40 or more for a bunch of junk - because they are Internet marketers, not real healers. They learn how to find "niches" and push worthless products on the public. Their products are sold using marketing tricks, not medical expertise.

I'm your medical expert! In this major eBook we get past the housewives' home cures and remedies. We go for the jugular. I've got the science; not just the myths.

I have scores and scores of remedies for you, including a review of all major anti-fungals, their effects and side effects.

But also a description of the natural products which work.

You'll also need to understand the relevance of diet, without going overboard on one of those stupid and extreme "Candida diets".

I can tell you some very unusual treatments for dealing with those awful toe nails that turn yellow and crumbly.

I know what I'm talking about because I've been treating Candida (thrush) and yeast infections for over 3 decades in a clinical setting. I know what works and what doesn't from direct personal experience.


Male Penis Yeast Infections

We know that women suffer this Candida problem more than men. Vaginal itching due to Thrush is a common problem. But males do get it too. Penis (penile) infections are not rare and sometimes lead to what is called "ping pong" infections (back and forth), so both partners need to be treated at once.

Male yeast infections respond the same and to the same remedies, and all the treatments options I explain (except pessaries and douches) will work for men too.

It's all in my Candida and Yeast Information Superhighway called "Are You A Moldy Patient?" You need to get yourself a copy now... TODAY!

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What's Inside The Cover?

  • You get a full explanation, to make sure you understand the problem, where it comes from and what you are going to have to deal with to get rid of it.
  • Learn my "Awesome Foursome", the 4 clinical symptoms that are a cinch for daignosing Candida/yeast infections.
  • What has a "Mickey Finn" got to do with Candida? You'll get a shock.
  • I tell you all the important lab work and how to interpret it (most lab tests are useless).
  • I review all the major prescription drugs for good and bad points (remember I've prescribed most of them over the decades, so I really do know what works and what doesn't).
  • Learn what to eat, what not to eat, MINUS all the silly myths (the diet is not as tough as some people proclaim). This includes the best recipe for yeast-free soda bread I know!
  • Why you can't beat chronic Candida without getting rid of heavy metals in your body (mercury, lead etc). Of course I tell you how to do that.
  • I explain what mycotoxins are and how you can protect yourself against this additional danger.
  • I explain what pro-biotics and pre-biotics are and how they work together to rebuild your health (there is MUCH more to this than just taking Lactobacillus acidophilus (in fact that's the least useful probiotic).
  • There are some GREAT surprise items for you, like a living organism that eats away toenail fungus (like a cannibal!). It's totally safe. And Iodine solution, why it works like a charm and what dose to take (yes, you swallow it). And ocean marine plasma; why it works to improve anyone's bodily fluids and homeostatic balance.
  • Lufenuron, that you probably haven't heard of.
  • There are many pages reviewing herbal remedies and essential oils, all of which are great (too many hundreds to list in full!) I list the science: no old wives' tales here.
  • The weird stuff; like why I found pushing a little butter oil into the rectum can help sooth colon Candida (nothing to do with "Last Tango In Paris"!)

I basically give you a 5-point plan and hold your hand, while walking you through it in detail: One, two or three actions is better than none but it is possible to do all five.

This eBook is jam-packed with the information you have been looking for on-line. It's great value, easy to read and you can download it instantly.

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Important Health Disclaimer

It is your right to educate yourself in health and medical knowledge, to seek helpful information and make use of it for your own benefit, and for that of your family. You are the one responsible for your health. In order to make decisions in all health matters, you must educate yourself. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Keith Scott-Mumby MD are not intended as medical advice, merely as education. Views written here are not a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a medical condition, including Thrush or Candida, see your physician of choice.